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The butcher's dogs

Introducing Hollie, Leo & Jackson (from left to right)

Rob, Geoff & Will believe in feeding their dogs on a raw meat bone diet. The benefits are substantial when compared to a processed food diet. 

Benefits Natural source of nutrients Cleaner Teeth Healthier skin Shinier coat Better weight control Improved digestion Reduction of allergy symtoms Increased mobility in older animals More energy and stamina Strengthened immune system Improved liver, pancreatic and bowel health Savings due to less trips to the vet

We can offer marrow bones, pet mince and chicken carcasses.

Our pet mince is made up of offal and chicken carcasses, it can be eaten raw or cooked depending what your dog is used to. Either way its packed with essential nutrients for a happier healthier family member.

Butchers tips for dogs... Breakfast - raw eggs with vegetables like carrots, broccoli and/or spinach. Dinner- 1lb pet mince uncooked or cooked (Mix 1/2lb with some unprocessed dry meal to make your meals go further) One marrow bone per week One meal per week which includes fish

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