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A message from Leigh's Family Farm

This letter is to assure you that we at Leigh's Family Farm sell only legally compliant eggs produced locally in Cheshire.

Egg producers in the UK have invested £400 million to upgrade their production units to keep laying hens in new welfare-friendly enriched colony systems.

Our high welfare conditions give the hens more space and height, with freedom to run around and flap their wings. Their natural instinctive behaviour encouraged with scratching areas, perches for roosting and nesting areas for egg laying. We have noticed the hens have an increased awareness of their surroundings, are more socially interactive and definitely more active and healthy.

Healthy hens lay high quality eggs!

Our new colony system is the most energy efficient way to produce eggs and has the lowest carbon footprint. The laying houses are naturally ventilated with very high levels of insulation so that heating is not required. We grow all our grain for feed and recycle the manure to use as natural fertiliser. We only sell our eggs to local customers to reduce food miles. 

We have a duty to inform you that egg producers in several EU countries are non compliant with these new regulations and are still keeping hens in conventional battery cages. As a result these eggs are on sale in EU and are being imported into the UK. We ask therefore that you support the welfare of our hens and the environment by only buying eggs produced in the UK.


Shop Local ❤️ Eat Quality

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