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Welsh Black

Mainly varying from jet black to rusty black, but occasionally red. They can be horned or polled.

This native British breed has existed in the Welsh hills and mountains since long before the Roman invasion. It is a possible descendant of cattle from the Iberian Peninsula.

The modern-day Welsh Black is the result of ninety years of selectively breeding two Welsh breeds: the North Wales type, raised in the hilly and mountainous regions, and the South Wales type from a lower and gentler landscape. The Welsh Black is therefore a true British breed and possibly the purest breed in the world.

The breed is hardy and adaptable, growing a thick coat in winter which enables it to graze in snow and rain when most other breeds would head for cover. It is happy grazing in the lowland areas or foraging in the uplands. This adaptability enables the Welsh Black to survive when many other breeds would starve.

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Throughout the British Isles and on most continents

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