• Will Barzu

Sirloin steak

Sirloin comes from the French “sur la longe” or above the loin from where it is cut.

Our sirloin steaks boast the characteristic of marbling which explains its reputation for taste. Marbling is a sign of the meat’s quality, promising tenderness and flavour when cooked.

Cooking times vary according to preference

Serves 1

INGREDIENTS 1 Whieldons sirloin steak 300g (10.5oz) 50ml Olive oil Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper 40g fresh butter (if using)

COOKING TIME 1-2 minutes each side for very rare to rare 2-3 minutes each side for medium 5 minutes each side for well done

ON THE BARBEQUE OVER HOT COAL Oil the sirloin with olive oil before cooking, season with salt and pepper. Score the fat to enable the heat to penetrate and prevent the meat from curling up.

IN A FRYING PAN Season the sirloin with salt and pepper. Brown on both sides in olive oil over a high heat. lightly score the fat to prevent the meat from curling up.  Add the butter and lower the heat.  Baste with the butter throughout cooking. Take care not to let the butter burn; it should stay pale in colour and nice and foamy.

Good luck and enjoy!

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