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The Hereford has a dark read coat and a number of distinguishing white markings including face, crest, brisket, legs and tail. There are two strains of Hereford: horned and polled.

The origins of the Hereford go back to times immemorial. Records in Herefordshire show the breed as early as the 17th century where it began as a draught ox, pulling ploughs, carts and sleds. The Hereford is descended from small red cattle of Roman Britain crossed with a large Welsh breed that grazed the border of Wales and England. It took its name from the country in which it evolved.

In 1742, Benjamin Tomkins produced, with two cows and a bull calf from his father's estate, what is accepted as the beginning of the true Hereford breed. The early breeders created the superb beef qualities that are still apparent in the breed today. Herefords are the first English cattle to be recognised as a true breed.

Native to

The British Isles

Now found

Throughout the world

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