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BBQ with Whieldons

Make the most of the last few BBQ days

Check out our range of bbq packs or even ask our butcher to build your ownūüėč

Choose your burger Angus Beef, Lamb & mint, Turkey (fat free) Choose your sausage Pork, Cumberland, Welsh dragon, Toulouse, Turkey (fat free) Choose your kebab Lamb & mint,  Rump steak, Chicken Fillet

Choose your pork

Pork steaks, Pork ribs

Quality meat should be cooked slowly over hot coals, the low heat and smoke of the barbecue enhances the melting tenderness. Our barbecue range is designed to suit all tastes, ready to be rubbed, marinated, or popped plain onto the grill for the best Summer feasting.

The only way is the Whieldons way !

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